ACS|Pedersen invests in IP-rich high-growth companies with a particular focus on emerging technologies. By actively partnering with entrepreneurs who create technology we can identify, extend and defend, our London Fund vehicle can provide between USD $200k and USD $2 mm in early-stage investment and bridge the gap between incubators and Series A.

The world of intellectual property is fraught with contradictions.  While start-ups are told to wait to file patents or quantify IP, established companies move quickly and always defend their position.  Large patent portfolio trades run into the billions and patents in bulk are valued at approximately USD $1 mm each.

The pioneering entrepreneur with one idea or patent often holds no weight in these discussions.  Even the best start-ups in the world often fail to recognize the demands of building a truly comprehensive and protected IP portfolio that can impact or influence larger players.

ACS|Pedersen looks to shift the balance.

Operating with the philosophy that early-stage companies hold intrinsic, quantifiable value, ACS|Pedersen works closely with founders to help identify and extend a start-up’s intellectual property assets into a truly defendable portfolio.

This focus on seeking, developing and defending quantifiable IP assets forms the fundamental difference between ACS|Pedersen and other early stage venture capitalists and angels.

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